Valwynne is a Nordic and Brenton (not completly) town focused on trading and less on farming. There are twenty-two official buildings, the rest are unreleased or not planned. The mod adds 54 new citizens, one deceased, 44 unique citizens (So far). This mod will likely conflict with The Elder Scrolls V: Hearthfire, due to it being situated right near Lakeview Manor and conflicting (not tested) with clay deposits. Any mod involving Anise's Cabin WILL conflict with Valwynne.

Valwynne FeaturesEdit

Valwynne has numerous quests, 2 player houses(one side mod for the second home), 22 structures~, 6 merchants, and 2 secret locations. The player homes are not immediately available. Two extra mods are planned for the city. One to turn the player home into a store. The other to make it possible to recruit NPC's to your player home. This would make it possible to have 6 followers in the player house, Greenrock Manor, in Valwynne. Such as a steward, a cook, guards, your wife, etc. and give them separate duties.

Mod LoreEdit

(Lore incomplete, comprehensive detail being added soon!) The town was created by Lord Belleford when he found the land in the third era of Tamriel. A leading member of the Blades, he was assassinated by Justicar Ellkae during the fall of the Blades. His friend's descendents now rule over Valwynne, secretly supporting the Blades. The town is neutral in the war, the Stormcloaks are openly friendly with the people of Valwynne. The Imperials are not so friendly, they try to assassinate the Royal house of Red-Mist, and succeed in manipulating the Dragonborn into killing all but one noble. The Dragonborn can choose to help the Imperials or help the Blades and Stormcloaks. If the quest line is finished and you have joined the Stormcloaks, the Stormcloaks will help you/you have to help; If you sided with the Imperials you will be forced to kill her. Delphine and other blades members will disapprove of you later. Battlemaster Dalin will send Hunter Blades after you (he escapes and any other blade member in town). Choices in Skyrim change the rest of the game, the first rule. However, you are named Lord of Valwynne either way. Except for the fact that if you sided with the Imperials, Thaydda will be dead and not become a candidate for marriage. If you help the Stormcloaks, you will kill the Assassin Contractor and the Imperial Spy*.

  • Radiant.

After this the Reign of Dragons begins, past there the mod is unplanned. There will soon be a twitter update page @ValwynneUpdates.